About Us

History of Salvaged Souls

My name is Julia and along with my husband Joey, have been in business together from building custom homes, opening and operating restaurants for 21 years to owning and operating wedding event venues.

Salvaged Souls was born out of our love of history and salvage. We have always loved old buildings and homes, with their detailed craftsmanship and stories of a past life. We love the use of materials salvaged from buildings that are slated for demolition as we are preserving the past resources used by our ancestors. Each one of these buildings once stood proudly in their prime, housing a family or business. Every piece has a story, we would like to think that we are preserving a bit of the history and soul of the home or building, giving it a new life.

We are located in historic Comfort in a property known as one of the Schwethelm buildings. Built in 1928, this beautiful old house with its unique history and wonderful wood craftsmanship was the perfect location for Salvaged Souls Vintage Market.

Our salvaged and repurposed pieces revel the extraordinary beauty of the material, showing the history and patina of its previous life. We take great pride in our pieces as they continue on to make new memories in your home or office.